Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Also known as one of america’s most evil haunts, Bobby Mackey’s is a night club located in Wilder, Kentucky. Owned by Bobby Mackey himself, a country singer with a career spanning over 40 years, he bought the building in 1978. Since then, the site has been a bit of a large-scale haunt. Mackey, his wife Janet, caretaker Carl Lawson, and Reverand Glenn Cole are only a few of the people reporting paranormal experiences on the site.

It is claimed that the building is most popularly haunted by Pearl Bryan, a pregnant woman that was decapitated in 1896 not too far from the land where Bobby Mackey’s stands today. Additionally, it is rumored that sometime in the 1930s, a dancer named Johanna committed suicide backstage inside of the establishment that Bobby Mackey’s once was. This deed was supposedly carried out due to the fact that her father had hung her lover by the neck in the dressing room of that same establishment. This, however, is all based on rumor and there are no police reports to support these accusations.

The caretaker, Carl Lawson, was the first to report hearing and seeing things inside of the club. He claimed that he would turn everything off at the end of the night, but find that the barlights had been turned back on only hours later. Not too long after this started happening, Lawson said that he started seeing shadows inside of the bar. He even claimed to see several full body apparitions. The most popular apparition people have been said to see was a headless woman in turn of the century clothing. 

Many people believe that the building holds an actual portal to hell. This is a reference to a well in the basement. Most of the most demonic and evil activity is centered around this well. Bobby’s wife claims to have been overcome by the scent of roses in the basement, grabbed around the waist, picked up, thrown down, and pushed down stairs by a force she could not see.

All together, dozens and dozens of people have claimed to experience the paranormal at Bobby Mackey’s Music World, and it’s hard to say which ones are legitimate and which are not. The establishment has been featured in several television shows, most popularly on Ghost Adventures. Whatever happened to Zak and his crew during their investigation (I’ve never watched that particular episode), frightened them enough to decided to never step on the premises again.

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